Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sick. Exhausted. And The Grades Are Suffering

Good morning everyone! I am sitting on my couch surrounded by tissues, tea, a heater, and my computer. It's finals week at school. And where am I again? That's right.... Home. Sick. Don't worry. I have no finals today. It's early, so I'll be sure to get to campus in time for Finals Review for my Math class. But first, I want to write a bit and then take a long nap.

Has anyone seen Wicked? I desperately want to see it. I started reading the book but just didn't have time to focus on it and actually finish it, so I gave up. But it's coming to Indianapolis in just a few weeks. I can't wait!

Ok, back to being nasty sick. So my son had a cold/cough/fever when he got back from his dad's on Sunday. My mom kept him Sunday night and Monday night so I wouldn't get sick. By Tuesday when I got out of class, he was so much better so I picked him up and took him home. Tuesday night, I'm sniffling. By Wednesday I have tissues attached to my hand. And this morning (Thursday), I am full blown sick with the worst symptoms possible. Anyone want to switch? Anyone? Anyone?

I didn't think so. Boo.

I was at work yesterday and I kept staring at my computer. Was I supposed to be doing something? I think so. But my brain was so fuzzy, I couldn't focus on anything.

And is anyone else amazed by how freakin' cold it's been outside the past week?
Try having a cold and walking the dog every couple hours in this. Hahaha.
Everything in my nose freezes and feels very awkward and let me tell you how attractive it is ;)

I must say though, I'm so happy winter is here, because that just means we're that much closer to Spring!
In January, I will be heading to Las Vegas for the Affiliate Summit West 2011. I cannot wait! I will be bringing tons of notepads and lots of pens. I plan on learning so much there and bringing it back home to increase our sales and build the best Affiliate Program out there!

Sales are already increasing and it's so exciting! We've got Ebay feeds up and we're planning on starting Amazon feeds very soon. I'm expecting a datafeed for our Affiliate Program soon too. I'd like to have that loaded on ShareASale within the next couple weeks.

So, with Cayden, Work, and School, I have realized that I am completely overwhelmed. My grades have suffered this semester and it's very unfortunate. I have been taking 5 classes per semester for a year now and my average is 4 A's and one B. This semester, it looks like I'll be getting 3 B's, one A and get this.... one D!!!! If I wasn't so physically exhausted and mentally blocked and wiped out, I would be DEVASTATED. But honestly, I just have to rearrange my schedule, focus on school more, and pick myself up and aim for straight A's this coming semester.

If anyone has any up and coming study tips that might be helpful, please share! Wish me luck or say a prayer for me for my finals! Happy holidays to all of you! I'm heading to bed for a nap!