Monday, January 3, 2011

Feeling A Bit Stabby Today

On Facebook today, I claimed I was feeling a bit stabby today. You know that feeling? Where you're in a perfectly good mood, but you know that as soon as someone crosses you the wrong way, you're liable to just stab em?! No? Maybe it's just me. But today was one of those days. I had a wonderful morning with my son. I made him hard-boiled eggs with toast and OJ for breakfast and sent him off to school all happy and warm, and I ran errands and cleaned all day. Overall, a happy day for me, but what the heck was my deal? I was driving down the road and anyone that looked at me wrong got a glare that could melt the iceberg that sunk the Titanic in seconds. LOL

Maybe it's the lack of water I've been drinking lately. And also the lack of climbing. Without exercise, I've noticed I tend to get a little irritable. I think most people are like that. If there's no release for any past tensions, it tends to just boil up inside until it comes out distastefully. Of course, we never want to cause a scene, or snap at our significant others for scratching their noses, so we must all find ways to release our tensions. Exercise, solo movies, yoga, sex, shopping; whatever is your release, try to do it as often as possible. (For the shoppers out there, make sure 'shopping' won't cause tension down the road when the bill/statement comes).

This release is incredible for stopping problems/tensions in their tracks. Making time for yourself to do things you love is a necessity in your life. I like to go rock climbing, make hemp jewelry, and knit. Those are things I do to give myself the quiet time I need to relax and evaluate how my day was, ponder my own deep thoughts, and contemplate things that are important to me.

I must admit, the past 7 months have been especially hard on me for numerous reasons. Most of those reasons revolved around the fact that I was just too busy to do anything that I wanted to do. I lost all track of things that I loved doing and focused completely on school and everyone else. I was lost in some muddlement of despair and looking back, I am fully aware that I simply lost myself in all of it. Never forget who you are or what you desire most out of life because as a woman, that's the first thing to go. We yearn for nothing more than to please others and render ourselves to everyone we care about. We go above and beyond to anyone that needs us and before we know it, we're disoriented and lacking the most important thing: Ourself

So take time for yourself. Even if it's only 30 minutes a day. Do what you love, take a nap, do something for you, and I promise, within a week, you won't feel stabby like I know you all secretly do on a more regular basis than you're willing to admit! You'll feel more clear headed, refreshed, and more like the person you knew you were before work, husbands, and children took over!

On a personal note:

So, I've been looking around my house and I am not happy with it at all. In my boyfriend's words, it's a bachelorette pad. He makes these statements because I sleep on a futon and because I have no art or pictures on my walls.

Yes, yes. I sleep on a futon. Everyone thinks it's absolutely horrible, but I like it. A lot of beds actually hurt my back more than a futon would. I know that sounds utterly unbelievable, but believe it! Even though I like my futon, I am planning on getting a real bed this month. I'm actually super excited about it because I'm hoping that the good luck fairies will be with me and will help me pick the perfect bed for me. The last thing I want is a bed that hurts my back more than my futon does!

As for the art/pictures, I have NO idea what to buy! I'm at a loss because there's so much art that I want that I end up never getting anything. I know I need to just pick something or take some pics and blow them up and frame them, but it just all seems like a ton of unneccesary work, especially when I plan on moving at the end of May. Why bother poking holes in the wall when I'll have to spackle them in 4 months? I'd rather just wait until I move and then figure out where all the furniture goes first. Makes sense, right?!

As far as moving goes, I've found ONE house for rent that I really like. All the others are just dumb. My dog is big and she needs a TON of space to move around. This one house has a HUGE yard but no fireplace. I REALLY REALLY wanted a fireplace. Any thoughts?

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  1. I love the post, mostly because about two months ago I would get up, go to work, answer e-mails all day, go coach track & field and go home to watch football, basketball, or whatever movie i could find on HBO and go to sleep. Nowadays, I have a routine that allows me to do what I like to do...3 days a week i run & workout at 10am which allows me to feel more refreshed, i also go to play poker at least two days a week which is my "ME-TIME"!!!

    As far as your art around the house, chose a day to go out with your son & your dog and have a picnic and take pictures at a park or something, its always better to have art that reminds you of the times you spend with your loved ones! You can always save the pictures until you move though. Good luck with the bed, and I had slept on a futon for about 2-3 years and the Bed I have now feels so much more comfortable lol!!!